Photo Credit: Matt Rogers

Photo Credit: Matt Rogers

Feminism is a hot topic. From the annual Women’s March to the #metoo movement women are become more vocal about equity for all… or are they?

Women quote feminist icons Angela Davis, Maya Angelou, Audre Lorde or Kimberele Crenshaw the very thing they write about yet their ethnicity, strangely absent.

Mesearcher and artist provocateur Pauline Mayers wants to see herself reflected as more than a quote in the feminist movement. Reading bell hooks and seeing herself reflected in her environment, Mayers sits in her raw natural state and invites you to join her as she seeks to reclaim the voice of the Black woman in the feminist movement.

bell(e) is a durational piece which questions the viewer’s ideas of feminism, beauty, presence and resilience.

Annalisa Toccara